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Matt Elwell's Social Stream:

  • Hi, I’m Matt Elwell.  (Don’t get up.)  I’m the President and CEO of ComedySportz of Chicago, Inc., an entertainment company that provides fun, unexpected solutions for business entertainment, training, and events marketing.  At the center of our organization is our show, ComedySportz, now in its 25th year.

    I’ve spent most of my professional career stretched between comedy and training.  In neither field did anyone tell me I was going to have to learn another language, but now I realize that I have to learn several, like Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and now Tumblr.  It’s a lot for a Gen Xer to take in, and I usually screw it up.  I “Like” what I should “Follow” and “Pin” what I should “Retweet." 

    Most of what I’ve learned about producing great comedy or great learning experiences, I had to learn while doing.  Along the way, though, I’d like to think I have some things worth sharing about "teaching improv about business and business about improv”.  I’m going to try to talk about some of that online.  So, if you’re interested in what it takes to but both the “funny” and the “business” into the “funny business,” I look forward to the conversation.

    Here are some other places to find me:

    GOOGLE+ - Matthew [dot] Elwell [at] gmail [dot] com


    TWITTER - @elwellsays

    PINTEREST - @elwellsays

    P.S. Pinterest is my new obsession, as a visual person.  I think even the most academic business concepts are aided by at least having a picture of the person who thought them up first.  (Of course, this is also where I put up a lot of pictures of food – my old obsession.)  See you (or your pins) there!

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